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transfer of all songs to a new device
Hi everyone,
I need to transfer/load all my songs to a new device. How do I do it
The easiest way is to create a library backup on one device by opening MobileSheetsPro, going to Settings->Backup and Restore->Backup Library, generating a .msb file in the folder you select, then loading MobileSheetsPro on the other device and restoring the backup file using Settings->Backup and Restore->Restore Library from Backup.

Just upgraded from a Samsung Galaxy Tab A to another with larger memory.  I did a backup and restore and it worked fine except for 1 problem.  At some point in my early years of using MobileSheets I stored songs on a sd card rather than letting MS manage the file storage.  The list of songs on the new tablet includes those on sd card but it can't find the files when I try to load them.  Tried moving the sd card to the new tablet but that did not resolve the problem.  Is there a way to fix this other than reimporting all the songs on th sd card?
You can try going to Settings->Other Settings->Fix Broken File Paths. If the files are in the application storage or can be found on the SD card, MobileSheetsPro should be able to fix the file paths automatically. Otherwise if you know the old path and the new path, you can use the manual option to replace the old path with the new.


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