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Candidate suggestions for Floating Toolbar and/or Quick Action Box
If any new real estate were to become available in either the Floating Toolbar or the Quick Action Box, there are some functions which I would find desirable to be able to execute rapidly. Perhaps they could be settable options for these areas or for pedals or tap zones. So for the Floating Toolbar on the Library Display or the Quick Action Box on the Song Display, or both, I propose:

---->Fullscreen Mode toggle on the Max2 Pro. Hide or Show the notification bar, like the Filters show/hide toggle in the floating toolbar. This bar is sometimes useful not just for notifications. It provides quick access to the A2 toggle which enables fast screen refresh and occasional taps to turn off A2 for full refresh to clear ghosting.

Also, tapping the Home icon on the notification bar suspends MSP and takes you out to the Onyx home screen, so that when you return to MSP it resumes in the same state, wherever you were in the Library Screen or Song Display. Similarly the Multi-tasking icon lets you switch to another app, leaving MSP in the same state for when you resume.

---->Absent the above toggle, perhaps an icon to temporarily suspend MSP and take you out to Onyx environment. Unless there's already a way to do that that I'm unaware of. The hardware back button on the Max2 Pro just exits MSP.

---->Orientation toggle between portrait and landscape.

There might be several other candidate functions that users would like to have instantly available, without the interruption of navigating a long series of screen or pedal taps.
Since I'm already adding the orientation toggle for you in the top left corner of the quick action box, I'll add a fullscreen toggle at the top right. That should be pretty simple to implement I believe. 

(08-03-2019, 04:29 PM)Zubersoft Wrote: Since I'm already adding the orientation toggle for you in the top left corner of the quick action box, I'll add a fullscreen toggle at the top right. That should be pretty simple to implement I believe. 

Great! Very much appreciated. If you agree and for whenever you have the time, I think that both of these toggles would also be useful on the Floating Toolbar.

If you're using the Library Display and in landscape mode, you might want to quickly change to portrait orientation in order to have more vertical space to examine lists.

You might be in the Library Display looking at a list of groups of a particular type, or a list of songs for a particular group. You might be scrolled down the list to a particular position. It would be nice if after leaving and then returning to Mobilesheets you would not need to navigate back to that location. Otherwise you could exit MSP and restart to your Initial Library Tab, as currently.

These two toggles could maybe be on the action bar, but the words "orientation" and "fullscreen" alongside the icons which would make it too cluttered. Better if the icons could be squeezed into the Floating Toolbar, with the fullscreen toggle logically next to the filters toggle as both show or hide bars at the top of the screen.
In addition to the Fullscreen and Orientation Toolbar (and QA box) toggles proposed above, for just the Floating Toolbar on the Library Display I would suggest:

---->A button to quickly jump to the song display of the previous open group list, if any.  For example, I view the song list display for Set1 (and perhaps go into and out of a song display) , and then go to the song display for Set2. It would be very convenient, if feasible, to have a Toolbar icon to switch back to the song list for Set1. This behavior would be available even if the previous song display was from a group in a different collection of groups. Thus I would be able to immediately switch between for example - Set1 in Setlists and Jazz in Genres. I might be considering tunes to add to my jazz set.

Even if the previous or current group list was not open (not displaying a list of songs), perhaps it could also work to or from the list of groups for that type. So I might jump from the Set1 song list back to the Genres tab. I hope I'm not making this sound too obscure. I do often make such transitions.

This new icon might be a double arrow next to the "View Previous Button" on the Floating Toolbar.
For the Quick Action Box I would suggest:
-->Quick one page turn when in two-page (landscape) display. In two page display mode I usually have turning behavior set to two pages at a time, which minimizes page turning (pedals set to Activate Next/Previous Link Or Go To Next/Previous Page). Occasionally though I want a particular page to be on the left side rather than  the right so that a page turn occurs at a more convenient score location.

For a simple example, a song has an intro on page 1 and possibly part of page 2. Then the verse starts on the top or middle of page 2. After playing the intro there's a break where I might want to have a quick one page turn so that pages 2 and 3 are on the same screen. Thereafter I would continue with two page turns. There are several ways to make this adjustment but most involve too many taps during performance.

Both pedal and touch actions have a "Turn Two Pages Backward/Forward" setting, but not a One Page Backward/Forward option. If this were a button in the Quick Action Box I could easily adapt the pages displayed for a more logical page turn.

Currently I can deal with the situation in my example by setting a repeat of page 2 and using annotations. I white out or fade: all or any area of the first instance of page 2 that contains verse; and none or any area of the second instance of page 2 that contains intro.

Another example is a song within a pdf collection of songs, where the song has an even number of pages with the first page falling on the right side. If you could quickly get it on the left there would be one fewer page turns and the turns may (or may not) be more conveniently located. You could set up a bookmark or a snippet or manually enter a page number, but it's too much trouble for an infrequent read of a song.

Generally it would be useful to have a quick ad hoc single page turn while doing mostly two page turns, in order to center on the transition between two particular pages.
Or you could use the single page turn mode and tap in the corners to turn two pages, for example. I am going to make the quick action box more configurable at some point, so I could in theory add some actions like this. Or I could just add touch actions to turn a single page so you could tap in the corner to do that. Or even better, I could change the current page turn action to turn a configurable number of pages. So then you could set this up to turn one page, or someone could set it up to turn three pages if they had a need for that.

Any of the above would work. I prefer to have the pedals set for two page turns in landscape for typical hands free turning, and a touch zone or quick action for infrequent one page turns. I use the corners for previous/next song, but I could use another zone. Configurable quick action box and perhaps floating tool bar sounds great (for some future time). Many functions, such as my above suggestions, would favor instant action.
Thanks for adding the orientation and fullscreen toggles into both the quick action box and the floating tool bar in the new 2.6.9 E-ink upgrade. Probably the wrong forum, but I see a small glitch in this E-ink upgrade. When entering Edit on a group (of any type), the left side of the split screen (containing the group items to be added to, removed, or reordered) is all dark. A workaround to be able to see and edit the group is to temporarily use the Night Mode Setting.

The new toggles work great and the new icons and their placement are intuitive. It's handy little conveniences like these, as well as overall design and comprehensiveness, that make MobileSheets so efficient and a delight to use.
I've found the bug with the setlist editor and I have a fix in place. I'll push out an update tonight for that.


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