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Newbie question on saving
I have just started to learn MS and successfully create several songs from pdf's imported from Google Drive and each time I had finished I simply hit Save thinking that the MS files were now safe. Then I accidentally deleted MS from my tablet and found that the modified pdf's created by MS were no-where to be found.

Without going into Libraries/Sharing/Exporting etc, what's the basic way to save a MS file off my tablet to Google Drive each time I modify it.

You'll have to either use the "Sync Library->Sync to a cloud folder" feature, create a library backup file and upload it to Google Drive, or use Share->Export file and select Google Drive as the destination. 

MobileSheetsPro doesn't modify PDFs unless you write annotations to the file permanently in the annotations editor. Otherwise all annotations and other settings are stored in the MobileSheetsPro database file. In order for those annotations to be exported to the file, you would either need to use Share->Export files, the print feature, or write the annotations to the file permanently in the annotations editor (meaning you would no longer be able to edit them in MobileSheetsPro).

Thanks, the concept of how MS works wasn't obvious, at least to me.

As you have found, removing the MSP app also removes it's database and pdfs (although I thought it prompted to see if you wanted to keep these files)

One of the main things to remember is that MSP is designed to hold all the files on the tablet (this is for speed of retrieval and removes the need of internet when playing at gigs). This means that if you want the files elsewhere as well then you need to duplicate them there.
Personally, I use the Companion app on a Windows pc to make a backup of the Android tablet's database and pdfs onto the pc (sync wasn't  available when I started using the program)

I suggest you do what I did ie work through the manual and experiment with each of the topics it mentions. Note: you don't have to remember everything immediately, just concentrate on things you are likely to use.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A6

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