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Pedals and links
I'd like to get a bluetooth pedal-looking at Pageflip Dragonfly. How do they manage multiple links (DS/codas/etc) within a song?
You can trigger link points in multiple different ways by selecting different pedal actions under Settings->Touch & Pedal Settings->Pedal Actions. One of the most popular options is "Activate Next Link or Go to Next Page". This lets you still turn pages with the pedal, but activate links in the order they are specified in the song. This also correctly handles situations where you may only want to trigger a link point the first time it is encountered (i.e. if you jumped from page 3 back to page 1, the next time you press the pedal on page 3, it will be ignored so you can advance to page 4). 

All of these pedal actions are covered in the manual (https://www.zubersoft.com/mobilesheets/M...etsPro.pdf), so you can research which one will work best for your needs.

Thanks Mike!
OK, I've got the pedal-it's got 4 buttons on it. I went thru the assign process as follows 1) left pedal-previous page 2) right pedal-next page 3) secondary left pedal-annotate song 4)secondary right pedal-activate next link

1/2/3 all work fine
4 when I touch it to go to the first link it works, when I touch it for the next links it requires 2 presses.

any thoughts?
There is a pedal debounce setting - are you pressing the pedal two times in a row, very quickly? If so, it will ignore the second press. If you press the pedal, wait a second, press it again to activate the second link and it doesn't work, let me know.

I'm pressing only once, but nothing happens until I press a second time (not quickly). Oddly the first link press is fine, but subsequent ones require 2 presses. At first I thought I wasn't pressing firmly enough, but that's not the case.
I just wanted to circle back with this. I'm still having the problem, if it's a setting I can't figure it out. Any other thoughts?
If you are using the "Activate Next Link", it's behavior is such that it skips to the next start or end point, based on whether the last point was a start or end point. Consider the following example:

Link point pair 1 - Page 1 to Page 3
Link point pair 2 - Page 3 to Page 5
Link point pair 3 - Page 7 to Page 10

If you press the predal once, it goes to Page 3, as it recognizes that you are triggering a link point on the very first page of the song, so it skips the first "start" link point. So that means it starts by going to the end point of that link point pair. The next pedal press goes to page 3 again, as the next link point starts on 3 (so it doesn't look like it's doing anything, but it is). If you press the link point again, it then goes to page 5, then page 7, then page 10. 

You might question - why trigger page 3 twice? Well a user might be using a display mode that makes the page larger than the screen. This allows them to jump from a link point on one part of the page to another part of that page. I could enhance the logic to guess at what is the best course of action give the size of the page (i.e. if both link points are shown on the screen at the same time and activating the next link point won't move the screen, so just go to the next end point), but it's simpler not to do that and just trigger it in an easier to understand pattern (it's also less error prone). The only exception to this is not triggering page 1 when you are already on page 1 (that was the only place where I had to insert specialized logic). 

If you really just want to trigger the link points in order, the correct pedal mode to use is "Activate Next Link or Go to Next Page". That is the action most users rely on, as it's more intuitive. If only jumps from start points to end points, and only if you trigger the link points in order. So in the previous example, pressing the pedal would jump to page 3, pressing it again would jump to page 5, again page 6, again 7, then again 10. It either turns a page or activates a link point on the page if it happens to be the next link point in the list.

Let me know if you have questions about any of this.

Aha-"Activate Next Link or Go to Next Page" is what I should have had it on, I had "Activate Next Link" on. 

I think I'm good now-cheers Mike!

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