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3.06 Metronome running while annotating
Just upgraded to v3.0.6 and trying out the new features.

Most of my songs automatically display/start a visual metronome when loaded.

The metronome is not being stopped when annotation mode is entered (my row of LEDs is slightly obscuring the bottoms of the tool icons).

Good job on the update (well it looks good, not really tried it yet!)

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Samsung Galaxy Tab A6
I've actually had some users mention that they are happy the metronome continues playing while annotating, and they want access to the metronome window from inside the annotation mode. So I'm not sure what I'm going to do yet. It does seem to me that the default behavior should be to stop the metronome, but I would like more people to weigh in on this.

Thanks for replying - I would prefer it off (as pre 3.0)

Perhaps yet another option? [edit] or tap the metronome to stop it displaying?[/edit]

I still get annoyed by the position of the LEDs metronome as it obscures the song title after a crop. This means that after using auto crop, I have to manually crop to move the top margin down so that it is immediately above the song title. I an then at least read the top half of the title

Samsung Galaxy Tab A6
The fact that the metronome keeps running while annotating makes me very happy. I often want to make a quick note in my music while practising with the metronome. To not have to go in and out of annotation mode and having to turn the metronome on and off again is great. This way I can keep the metronome on, make an annotation, continue playing in annotation mode, with the metronome still going. 

However; I would love to have access to turn the metronome on and off while in annotation mode so that I can stay in annotation mode and control the metronome from there during the practice. I would use that a lot.

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