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Two page display in landscape mode
Feature request: Default to two page display in landscape mode.
This would eliminate about 99% of my need for page turning as the jazz lead sheets I use are rarely more than two pages.
A lot of users seem to be requesting the two page display. It's definitely on my list of things to add in the future.
could you let us know when the two page display is ready?
I am setting up a 22" android AIO for my wife as her eye sight is failing and two pages in landscape would be great.
It will be announced when the next update is released on the MobileSheets homepage and in the forums.
Yes, this would definitely be a boon...
I also would appreciate two pages in landscape mode
On bigger tablets (I use one) this view could be really helpful
Will two pages side by side in landscape mod be part of the new version 5.0?
Yes, two pages side by side in landscape will be part of version 5.
I'm really looking forward to this feature because I have at last found a suitable tablet. It is the HP slate 21 which has a 21.5" diagonal and HD IPS screen. Available from HP on the internet direct for under £200, it arrived this morning. I think it is also available from Curries at about £350. I tested the resolution for two pages side by side by scanning two pages of a full-size music book and importing the pdf into Mobilesheets. I had to select the "display top half of page in landscape mode" to get it to display across the whole screen, and then scroll down to see both pages completely (a bit of a bother) but it proved the screen resolution is ok for two pages side by side. There was no aliasing on the ledger lines either and I could read it easily.
Really looking forward to version 5 with two-page views built into Mobilesheets.
If you go for the HP slate 21, be aware it is heavy (over 4kg) and won't fit into your pocket! What a lot you get for your money though.
(05-26-2014, 03:17 AM)Zuberman Wrote: Yes, two pages side by side in landscape will be part of version 5.
Did this ever get implemented? I can't figure out where to look to know what version I'm on, though it should be the latest.
And if it is implemented, how do I do it?
This is the first thread I've read on the topic, will look at the others that came up on my search.
Wendy Cutler
Yes, load a song, tap the center of the screen to bring up the song overlay, tap the display mode icon at the bottom (to the left of the page scaling icon with blue arrows), then change the default display mode to "two pages". This is only available when your tablet is landscape orientation. If you can't access the song overlay, you have performance mode enabled, so tap the lock icon in the floating toolbar at the bottom right corner of the library screen.


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