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You've done a whale of a job
I mentioned earlier that I paid for this program a year or more back and somehow never got around to setting it up.  Just laziness on my part I suppose; I have a pdf viewer with lots of bookmarks and have just been doing it that way in the years since I got my tablet.  I guess it's more fun to actually play the piano than it is to fiddle around with getting the tablet organized, so it just never happened.

I've told people that getting a tablet literally changed my life.  I have all of my music as pdf files and there are no more messy piles of paper on the floor, and that makes my wife happy too.   Wink

Now that I've finally got into gear and started setting my music up on mobilesheets... wow.  Getting my tablet changed my life and getting this program set up is changing it again.  I got the tablet and got rid of the piles of paper; now I've got mobilesheets and I can actually find my stuff.

In the immortal words of The Golden Smog (Flintstones), “skoodily-wa-wa-wa, contact”.

I'm still a newbie with this program but so far every time I've thought, "gosh, it would be nice if it did this", it turns out that it does that.

I can see where a lot of work and thought has gone into this program and I'm just here to say that I'm impressed.  Really impressed.

I don't know why I waited a whole year to set this thing up.  It's a fair-sized undertaking to get everything set up but the result is worth it.  Could'a/should'a been using it all this time, I suppose...
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Thanks for kind words Frank - I really appreciate it. I'm always happy to hear when MobileSheets is serving people well.


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