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MIDI BLE connecting but not sending or receiving messages Android 13
After updating to android 13 on my Samsung tab s7 the MIDI BLE doesnt seem to work anymore. 
I did not see any other posts that have the same issue, but everything works fine on my phone (android 12).
I can connect the 2 instances of MSP together so that I can still use my footswitch and send/receive midi and move pages on my tablet, so for now its not urgent but wanted to let others know if you can update to android 13, I suggest waiting before this is fixed Smile
Just downgraded to android 12 and everything is working again!
Although im not sure if a reinstall on android 13 would have fixed it too.
When on android 13 I checked if other apps would have the same issue and it did so no real problems with MSP itself, or at least not something other apps have fixed yet.
Are you using a WIDI Master by chance? The developer of WIDI Master has indicated the following:

Another user reported, on Android 13, when you connect WIDI and see a pairing request with a code, just cancel it (not like in previous Android versions where you need to accept it). Then it will work. 

I'm receiving an Android 13 test device today or tomorrow, so I will be investigating these issues. I do know that Samsung had issues with bluetooth connections with Android 13 on one of their phone models. I don't know if the same issue applies to tablets.

I have been testing on my Samsung S8 Ultra and the WIDI master works just fine for me. There is a bug in MobileSheets at the moment where it won't show bluetooth devices that have already been paired. If you switch the connection type to "USB" in the bluetooth settings, you'll actually see the paired bluetooth devices show up there, and then you can connect and it should work. This will be fixed with the next update. Alternatively, you can cancel the pair request from the WIDI master, and then you should be able to connect using the "Bluetooth" connection type in MobileSheets, and the MIDI commands should work just fine.

Weird! Im not using android 13 for now, as I need the functionality for this weekend (christmas eve)
I am using an esp32 chip with this software on it: https://github.com/alf45tar/PedalinoMini/ but I dont think that matters much. 
As it is a midi ble device it doesnt show up in normal bluetooth settings, and is only discoverable in apps that search for these devices (such as MSP and other midi apps)
Maybe if other people also experience this issue you can troubleshoot more effectively, but as it works for you I dont think there is much to try for now...

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