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"Auto Load & Display Whole Setlist" suggestion
(05-07-2024, 10:49 AM)Zubersoft Wrote: I think you misunderstood - I was saying I would modify the application to add a new icon that, when pressed, would load the entire setlist. This would be a shortcut to achieve what you are asking for. That icon would appear on the Setlists tab for each entry. 


Oh. OK, yes, I misunderstood. 

I think an added icon on every line on the Set tab would not be aesthetically pleasing, especially, I presume, since most users wouldn't be using that functionality. I can just keep on doing an extra button press to pass forward and back through the Setlist screen although I never ever press on a single song in the setlist. I always press the Load All button.
Don't worry about it, Mike. It would probably only be useful for folks like us contradance players with lots of 2-3 songs sets who always need to load up the whole set when it's pressed on the Set tab page.

Since last September, I've taken up the Steirische Harmonika, learning on a website that doesn't use notes in its teaching method. It's pretty much the Suzuki method. The teacher makes videos that we students can access any time online and we learn by just mimicking the teacher. We can also download mp3 files from the videos of all the (300+) songs on the website and I'm trying to figure out how to use MS to work with all the mp3 files and the lyrics pdf files that go with some of the songs (lots of the polkas and waltzes don't have lyrics). There are so many new songs that I often forget how a song goes, so I would use MS to just play a few seconds of the mp3 file to remind me how the song starts and also display the lyrics (if any). So this would be a mp3-based system where every song has an mp3 file but not necessarily a pdf file in contrast to my contradance system where every song has a pdf file and none of the songs have an associated mp3 file. It'll be interesting to see how easily something like this can be set up in MS!

As always, thanks for your wonderful software creation and all the continuing support! Have a great day!
Chuwi 13.5" H13, Win10, 128GB  μSD

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