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Audio Player won't go away
I know it's been discussed but I don't see a solution for my situation. I never used audio files until a week ago, when I added 5 mp3 files to 5 songs. That works fine.

But now, with 4,000 songs, only 5 with audio files, Player seems to be permanently active. No matter what song I open, the Player pops up. I close it. Go to the next song, Player pops up again. Over and over. NONE of the songs I am opening have any audio attached, but Player opens anyway.

Right now MSP is almost unusable, because when I open a song and need to immediately play it, first I have to close the unwanted Player. Every time! My workaround the past week has been to start playing, then hope for a gap where one hand is free enough to quickly stab Player's close X before I get to the section of music it is covering up.

I've tried every display and touch and other Setting that might have anything to do with this, nothing helps. Restarting MSP doesn't help. What am I overlooking?
-- John

Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 (SM-T900) Android 5.1.1
That is truly bizarre John. I have absolutely no idea how to reproduce that behavior as I've never seen that on any of my devices. Please check something - if you open the audio player, tap on the settings icon at the top right, is it set to only show with the overlay? Or is it set to "Never" which would make it visible every time you load a song?

As a workaround until we figure this out, the bottom middle of the screen is normally configured to show/hide the audio player when tapped. You could use this to quickly hide the audio player when a song is loaded.

Mike, Audio Player Settings > Fade Out: Never
Not good?

I just set it to With Overlay, it is fainter but still there every time.

Then, I checked the Fade Out Completely box and it disappeared, has not reappeared. I had already disabled Touch Action that might activate it, hoping that would cure the problem, so now it is really gone!

To fix that, MSP Settings, I re-enabled Touch Actions > Bottom Center > Show or Hide Audio Player.

Quick testing, seems to be normal now, Player not showing on every song. So possibly some combination of what I just changed was the cause.

Even so, does it make sense that Audio Player can be shown via a tap on a page that does not have an audio file? Is there a use for this?
-- John

Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 (SM-T900) Android 5.1.1
I can add code to not show the audio player with a song without audio. That's easy enough.

You had the audio player set to always show though, and that overrides the logic in my code for detecting whether or not to show it based upon whether audio is present. I may update this as well so that the audio player isn't shown for any reason if no audio is present in the song, If you don't have it fade out completely, as you noticed, it will stay transparent based upon the opacity setting.
I still have this issue too. I also checked Fade out Completely and it helped but did not eliminate the problem. I have no audio files on my device. I wish there was checkbox to disable the player. It is becoming an issue especially during performance when I have to x out of the player every time I bring up my next song. I thought about uninstalling and reininstalling app but it happens on both my devices so that's probably not it. This is a fairly new issue - it did not happen until a few months ago.
As mentioned in a recent post, I'm going to add options to hide/disable the audio player.


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